About GMA

At Green Mountain Antibodies we’re all about:

A single project manager who works for you

As soon as you begin a project with us, you have access to one point person to handle all of your questions. This person picks up the phone, responds to your e-mails, and keeps you informed. Behind the scenes, your project manager meets regularly with an experienced team of technicians and scientists to review your project and bring it to a successful completion.

Skilled technical people who never say never

We solve and resolve if necessary any challenges in the process of making monoclonal antibodies. We don’t stop until you have exactly the antibody you need.

Quality craftsmanship

Not all antibodies are created equally. Our methods are designed to produce homogeneous, specific antibodies custom-made to your requirements.

Adaptability to your schedule

We work with your schedule to deliver the antibodies you need quickly and consistently. Because we are flexible, you don’t have to wait or rush a decision.

Good listeners who also know what they’re talking about

We listen, offer our expertise, discuss options, and take all of your concerns into consideration.

Competitive pricing

Because we are equipped and skilled in developing antibodies, we are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to trying to complete the lab work at your site. Because we put you, the customer first, we are more responsive and flexible than your in-house or university hybridoma operations.