Create A Cell Bank

When you receive a hybridoma cell line from us, we recommend immediately growing the line and freezing back multiple vials, ideally in two or more batches. Cells should then be stored in multiple freezers. From this initial stock of cells, thaw the first vial and expand and freeze additional frozen stock. This approach insures that the line is properly maintained.

We also recommend two additional strategies:

  • Make sure you thaw one of the frozen cells soon after creating the frozen stocks to make sure they are viable and not contaminated by the freezing process.
  • A yearly thaw of your most important cell lines followed by expansion, determination of antibody expression and yield, and a check for contamination (by growing in antibiotic-free media), and freeze back of replacement vials.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss these recommendations or, simply, have us do this for you.


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