Cell Culture

Successful monoclonal antibody production requires skillful cell culture. At Green Mountain Antibodies, our cell culture expertise is an important part of our technical operations and a source of pride.If you have an existing hybridoma cell line, we can grow the line and prepare the antibody for you. Similar to any cell line, hybridomas require routine subcloning and phenotyping for optimal antibody production.

Are your cells mycoplasma free?

When sending us a cell line, please enclose documentation certifying that your cell line is mycoplasma free. Many established cell lines are contaminated with mycoplasma. If you are unsure, contact us and we can arrange to test your cells for mycoplasma. Mycolplasma Contamination Policy

Our cell culture services include:

  • Subcloning and screening of existing cell lines.
  • Cryopreservation and archival.
  • Scale-up to produce grams of purified antibody.

Cell Culture Growth Curve

Cell storage

We recommend archiving your cell lines and can offer suggestions for ensuring that your cells stocks are properly stored. Cells stored at GMA are stored in liquid nitrogen and you are invoiced annually for this service.