Getting Started

To start a project you need to:


Develop your plan.

  • Consider how you are going to use the antibody, or antibodies: blotting, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, FACS, stimulate or inhibit a functional activity, purify the antigen.
  • What is the antigen (protein, peptide, cells) and how much do you have available?
  • Consider your budget. We try to work within your constraints, but it helps to know your “comfort” point. Much of the cost is dependent on how many hybridoma cell lines you have us produce and how much antibody you need purified.

Call or email us to help review the plan with you.

We find that a discussion with you about your project lets us provide a more accurate cost assessment. We understand your need for confidentiality so our discussions can be guided by a non-disclosure agreement. We also can share with you our experience designing antigens and assays, and can recommend different approaches to characterizing antibodies.

Send us the antigen.
After we understand the scope of your project and have agreed on a budget, you will be assigned an experienced project manager who will help with scheduling, facilitate necessary decisions, suggest alternative approaches, and work within your budget. We believe this approach provides the greatest chance of getting you an antibody you can use immediately, at a price you can afford.