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Arizona Treatment Center

Purpose Healing Center is a top-rated Arizona treatment center with hundreds of positive reviews. We custom design the drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment plan for each of our clients during the admissions process and ensure that each patient attains wholesome recovery.

Our alcohol addiction treatment

At our rehab facility, we follow a substance-specific treatment approach to help patients attain recovery. We offer three types of treatment based on the severity of addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. They are inpatient rehab, intensive inpatient program, and outpatient therapy. The programs differ in intensity and clinical approaches, depending on the patient's medical needs.

Our addiction treatment includes medical detox, one-on-one counseling, group therapy, individual behavioral therapy sessions, and support groups. Our team of staff offer 24/7 medical care and support to our recovering addicts and constantly monitor their progress in recovery. We alter each patient's treatment plan, depending on their progress, to help them garner the most out of the rehab. All our programs focus on equipping patients with coping mechanisms to help them prevent relapse and maintain sobriety in the long term.

Role of 12-step programs in addiction treatment

The 12-step program acts as the guiding principle for recovery from addiction. It follows a spiritual approach and teaches recovering addicts to lead a life with a new code of behavior. The 12-step program acts like a support group, where individuals share their accomplishments and challenges and receive love and support from peers in the recovery journey.

It offers recovering addicts with a non-judgemental platform, where they can open up about their traumatic memories and addiction stories. We are one of the few Scottsdale drug and alcohol addiction centers to conduct support groups every week for recovering addicts to help them attain lasting recovery. The 12-step program creates self-accountability and motivates individuals to stay sober in the long-term.

Treatment for marijuana

Marijuana is one of the hardest drugs to give up, and we offer inpatient treatment to kickstart the recovery for individuals battling weed addiction. Inpatient rehab at our Scottsdale recovery center lasts for a period of 30, 60, or 90 days. We use therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, motivational interviewing, and contingency management to help recovering addicts embrace sobriety. These therapies also allow us to address the co-occurring mental disorders, if any, in patients.

After rehab treatment, we encourage our patients to attend the ongoing care programs at our drug and alcohol rehab in Scottsdale. With these sessions, we reinforce motivation and positive behaviors in patients and arm them with essential coping mechanisms to tackle cravings and relapses. We organize and moderate Marijuana Anonymous (MA) support groups every week to help individuals share stories from their recovery journeys.

Your search for the best 'Treatment centers in Scottsdale, AZ,' ends here. Speak to one of our treatment specialists at Purpose Healing Center for more details. Our leading Arizona treatment center offers evidence-based treatment programs, a luxurious facility, and the chance for a new life.

Arizona Treatment Center

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Purpose Healing Center focuses on providing the tools for long-term success with recovery. Our Arizona treatment center helps recovering addicts adopt healthy lifestyle changes and enables them to heal and recover with peer support from group sessions. We also educate our clients on relapse prevention tips, preparing them for a drug-free life in the long haul.Can I find employment after rehab treatment?Most people procrastinate addiction treatment due to the fear of hurting their careers. However, several studies ...

How to Choose the Right Arizona Treatment Center

If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse and have reached a point where you are ready to receive treatment for the addiction, alcohol and drug treatment centers can provide the help you need to recover and get back on track. However, this is a serious commitment, and your success will mostly depend on choosing the right treatment center in Arizona that fits your goals and needs. Not every Arizona treatment center is ...
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Arizona Treatment Center
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