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Asian Massage Boise ID

Asian Massage Boise ID

Your online search for an experienced Boise masseuse has led you to Whole Being Massage, a place where you can relax and enjoy an authentic Asian massage in Boise, ID. If you’re confused about what you’ll experience during an Asian massage, it’s due to the fact that the internet is filled with a lot of misinformation that can leave you unsure about what happens during a massage session. While to some extent, all massage intends to relieve pain & muscle tension and in some cases, lead to healing, an Asian massage is a bit different from the standard relaxation massage you may have experienced in the past.

What Is An Asian Massage?

Asian massage focuses on implementing a holistic approach to well-being. Our Boise massage therapists are highly skilled in many different techniques used in bringing about deep relaxation, allowing the body to heal itself and rejuvenate. Asian massage procedures are steeped in ancient Eastern medicinal ways of thinking about wholeness, health, and healing; it’s this aspect of the massage that sets it apart from a traditional massage.

Unlocking Your Body’s Chi

One of the goals of our Asian massage in Boise, ID is to free the body’s flow of chi. Using massage oil and dextrous massage of the fingers, thumb, and palms, we massage specific areas of the body to restore balance; results include reduced stress, enhanced circulation of the blood, pain relief, and peace of mind, After unlocking your chi, you may feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted through a single session. Therapeutic massage services are able to work wonders in a short time-frame.

Best Couples Massage In Boise, ID

If an Asian massage is something you feel you would benefit from, consider scheduling a couples session and share the relaxation with your significant other. We offer very affordable rates when you book a massage for two; reach us by phone at 208-713-6562 with any questions about our services.

Massage For Treating Trauma

Are you living with traumatic memories from the past. Trauma-healing massage therapy can do wonders for your psyche, leaving you feeling cared for and restored in a unique way. Consider combining a therapy healing massage with your current psychiatric sessions or eliminate other methods that are not working for you and try a massage this week. Let your masseuse know about your trauma situation and we’ll work closely with you to ensure favorable results.

Read Our Story

Spend some time online visiting Whole Being Massage to learn more about the work we do and the benefits of the best Asian massage in Boise, ID. You’ll find session lengths and pricing on our site, as well, along with informative and helpful blog articles, treatment plans, and information about our therapists. Schedule your next massage online or reach out to us by phone at 208-713-6562.

When you need a reliable way to counter the negative impact of the world around you or deal with chronic pain or stress, an Asian massage is an excellent tool. See us for professional massage therapy close to home.

Asian Massage Boise ID
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Asian Massage Boise ID
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