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Modular Clean Room

Modular Clean Room

The 5 Most Important Questions To Ask Ourselves When Designing A Modular Clean Room

In a world where there are a wide range of rules and regulations that will need to be considered, there are a number of questions that we must ask ourselves when designing a modular clean room. These are questions that we will need to ask of ourselves before the modular clean room be successfully completed.

With countless designs to select from, it can be difficult to make the right purchase. Let's take a closer look at the aspects of this choice that need to be evaluated in full. These are the areas that must be discussed.

1) How Is This Room Going To Be Used?

The processes that are going to be taking place in the room are going to determine what the room will look like from a design standpoint. For example, some may need the room to remain completely spotless at all times and this goes a long way towards determining which materials are going to be used. The amount of personnel that are going to be using the room and the application equipment needed will also be playing a major role in the decision.

2) How Much Space Do We Need?

The working space that we require is often a determining factor. Even something as simple as the height of the ceiling must be considered. The ceiling height influences several costs. Air conditioning expenses and air filter replacement are aspects that have to be taken into account. For a larger modular clean room, internal support pillars can be used or we can contact a contractor to find out more about our external bracing options.

3) What Global Cleanliness Standards Have To Be Met?

Every modular clean room operation is going to have its own specific protocol that needs to be followed from a global cleanliness standpoint. The International Standards Protocol is what governs these decisions and we will need to know everything possible. The more stringent these requirements are, the more ventilation we are going to require. These standards may also cause our operational expenses to rise.

4) Are There Any Air Pressure Concerns?

This is one of the key variables. The sample that is placed in this room must be protected from the outside elements. The personnel may also need to be protected from the sample. The air pressure is something that we will need to consider for a couple of different reasons. For starters, the physical space of the room is affected by the air pressure. The energy consumption and building regulations are also crucial aspects that we need to bear in mind. All toxic fumes need to be reigned in.

5) Do We Have Any Specific Concerns To Address?

These rooms have to be treated as their own specific concern and every builder is going to have their own issues that need to be addressed. Will we transporting large pieces of equipment in and out of the room? Are we going to need roll up doors or sliding doors? Does the room need to be constructed in an area that is close to a preexisting lab? These are all questions that we must answer for ourselves.


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