GMAb is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of antibodies for industry, health and research. Our team of scientists brings their knowledge and expertise in the field of monoclonal antibodies to help our customers address some of the world’s most pressing health challenges. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Antibody Development Solutions

The starting point is a detailed discussion of your needs and goals for producing a new antibody. We will ask questions about the chemistry and biology of your antigen target. This information often reveals barriers or problems that require different or alternative approaches. The project plan then evolves; setting expectations, describing timelines, explaining cost options, and discussing possible solutions to anticipated problems.  This is where our experience with similar targets comes in to play.

If you do not have purified antigen, we can offer suggestions for obtaining recombinant protein or help with peptide selection, synthesis and conjugation. We’ll offer our opinions on the best way forward. Our knowledge of protein chemistry, immunochemistry, and assay development supports decision making throughout the process.

You might have a constrained budget or other limitations.  You may have knowledge of previous antibody development efforts or information in the literature suggesting helpful approaches.  Our way of working is to learn from your previous experiences and share what we know. We believe working as your partner offers the greatest chance of success.

Antibody Production Services

For existing hybridoma cell lines, we can test for mycoplasma and, if necessary, decontaminate the line. Additional rounds of subcloning insure the line is clonal and allows us to select clones with higher antibody production levels.

After investing time and resources making a monoclonal antibody, you will realize substantial savings (cost/mg) over similar commercial antibodies and you will never again worry that a few hundred micrograms of expensive commercial antibody “doesn’t go far enough.”  We can produce what you need using fixed volume tissue culture vessels or bench-top bioreactors. Chemical labeling of purified antibody with biotin, or fluorescent dyes and proteins, lets you design assays for your bioanalysis needs.

Recombinant Antibody Services

It is important to sequence the variable regions of your anitbody. This identifies amino acid differences between antibodies in the region that binds antigen. Knowing the heavy and light chain complementarity determining regions (CDR) lets you recreate the antibody if the hybridoma line is lost. If you need non-murine monoclonal antibodies, the mouse CDR regions can be grafted onto constant region immunoglobulin backbones using recombinant DNA techniques and expressed in mammalian cells. If you need sequences in the variable regions changed, knowing the sequence of these regions is the first step.

At the present time, we provide sequencing of light and heavy chain variable regions from mouse hybridoma cells, construction of expression vectors using these sequences, and small-scale pilot expression in HEK cells.

Current Services