Large Scale Antibody Production and Purification

One significant advantage of monoclonal antibodies over serum polyclonal antibodies is the ability to produce essentially unlimited amounts of purified antibody with a single specificity.We have designed our standard purification procedure to attain higher antibody yield:

  • We determine production rate before scale-up. This is done by a pilot purification of a smaller volume of antibody-containing spent media, or by using a quantitative immunoassay for the antibody during initial culture stages.
  • By knowing a more exact production rates (mg antibody/liter/day) you can more accurately predict culture volume and culture time. This approach also leads to earlier intervention if there is significant decrease or increase in antibody production levels.
  • The use of serum-free media decreases possible contamination of purified antibody by bovine immunoglobulin.
  • Conditions are endotoxin low and we can remove residual endotoxin from purified antibody as a final step.
  • Subcloning the cell line before large scale production results in improvement of antibody yields and lower cost.
  • Antibody product is provided in sterile phosphate-buffered saline and analyzed by SDS-PAGE and light scattering. Other solvent options are available.


  • Obtain mg to gram amounts of purified antibody
  • Production in culture eliminates mouse ascites serum immunoglobulins
  • Serum-free conditions lowers contamination of bovine immunoglobulin
  • Purified antibody can be formulated in appropriate buffer or lyophilized so you can use immediately
  • Lower endotoxin levels so you can use antibody in vivo


To initiate a production, please contact us for a quote. We will need certification that the hybridoma cells are free of mycoplasma, an estimate of production rate, and any information you have on growth conditions including doubling times, media requirements, and antibody isotype.

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