Multiplex Bead-Based Assays

Screening assays for hybridoma antibodies have improved and benefited from advances in technology and the availability of reagents and instrumentation for measuring bimolecular interactions. One method we’ve embraced at Green Mountain Antibodies is fluorescent polystyrene beads with flow cytometry.Although our primary screening method is solid-phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in 96-well plates, application of fluorescent bead-based assays in a second round of screening positive monoclonal antibodies, allows for further definition of antibody specificity and clone selection before antibody purification. You can obtain monoclonal antibodies with more targeted specificity using protein fragments, homologous proteins, or chemically modified antigens coupled to different bead sets.

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  • Uses less antigen and smaller sample volumes than ELISA
  • Allows the use of multiple antigens in a single reaction volume
  • Shorter assay times
  • Signal over several logs of antibody and antigen concentrations
  • Covalent attachment of antigen to the surface
  • Permits chemical modification of attached antigen

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