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Repetitive Immunization Multiple Sites Analysis


Producing Antibodies to Advance Science and Health.


GMAb is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of antibodies for industry, health and research.  Our team of scientists brings their knowledge and expertise in the field of monoclonal antibodies to help our customers address some of the world’s most pressing health challenges.


Customer Focus

We create real value for our customers by fully understanding their needs. By actively listening and engaging in a conversation we understand the requirements of their project and develop a solution that addresses their unique challenge.  We become an extension of their lab.

Adding Value

We provide a level of expertise, experience and knowledge that our customers appreciate.  While it is true they are buying antibodies, it is the science and interactions with the GMAb team that create the lasting value.  Producing the antibodies is only the first step—having the antibody perform well for the customer’s application is the complete solution.


We are part of a team creating value for our customers.  While we all have individual responsibilities within the work, the end product is greater than the sum of our specific actions.  As we focus on our specific task, we are aware of the importance of each person’s contribution to the final deliverable.


When the work gets challenging we have learned to persevere and assess all the options towards a solution.  There are no short cuts. You must trust your experience, your co-workers, your customers and the science to find the right path forward.

Innovation and Process

Only by creating and embracing process can you find true excellence and innovation. The moments of insight and innovation are found along the path of our disciplined approach to problem solving.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to a continuous and ongoing effort to find and implement changes that add real value to the products and services we supply our customers.  From the small tweaks to the large breakthrough, we work to identify and address problems and challenges that help make the team and the business more effective, innovative and efficient.

Using Science to Solve Problems

For us, it is all about using science to solve problems for our customer. We are fascinated and passionate about the science behind the work and applying this knowledge in new and innovative ways. Antibodies are awesome and powerful tools.

People First

We treat our customers, vendors, co-workers and all people with trust and respect.  Our own credibility and that of the company is paramount in all our interactions. We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable to our commitments.

Think Global but Live Local

We are happy to live and work in Vermont.  But we also recognize that we live in a bigger world and have a responsibility to serve not only the needs of our own community but the greater global community.

GMAb Proud

All of us are proud of our work at GmAb and what it stands for. The history, culture and people create an environment focused on excellence and responsibility.  More than simply being co-workers, we feel a connection to each other and the work.  We are excited about the future and being part of the next chapter for GMAB.


Antibodies in the Service of Science and Life.

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