Repetitive Immunizations Multiple Sites (RIMMS)

Repetitive Immunizations Multiple Sites (RIMMS) is the rapid immunization alternative to GMAb’s standard protocol. RIMMS includes the injection of mice at multiple sites, multiple times, over a significantly shortened schedule of just four weeks instead of several months. Mouse lymphocytes from regional draining lymph nodes are removed and then fused with the myeloma cell line. The standard GMAb fusion process then occurs over 96 well plates, followed by the pre-determined ELISA strategy. Along with using much less of the valuable antigen, this rapid immunization approach allows the customer to obtain fused hybridomas within one month. Consequently, Repetitive Immunizations Multiple Sites (RIMMS) is an ideal strategy when monoclonal antibodies are required quickly.

Rapid Immunization Schedule

Green Mountain Antibodies’ customers request RIMMS as a faster and more efficient method of monoclonal antibody development. Sometimes shaving off a day or two makes a difference in meeting timelines and milestones. Getting to the clinic faster is the goal and the creation of critical reagents and assays is a big piece of the solution. So, when timeliness and efficiency are of utmost concern, Repetitive Immunizations Multiple Sites (RIMMS) is the right strategy. GMAb recommends its standard immunization protocol when a large number of diverse monoclonal antibodies is the goal.

Immunization Variables

There are many variables determining the specificity, affinity, avidity, isotype, and number of distinct monoclonal antibodies obtained following cell fusion of antibody producing splenocytes and myeloma cells. GMAb considers antigen types, mouse or rat strains, immunization schedules, and complex hybridoma screening strategies. Investigators need high affinity antibodies, as well as diversity within a large library of murine monoclonal antibodies, which means immunization protocols can run weeks or even months. These longer protocols typically require milligram quantities of antigen to immunize several mice multiple times. Mouse titers are checked via ELISA and used to select the best animal for fusion. As an alternative to standard protocols, Repetitive Immunizations Multiple Sites (RIMMS) offers a significantly shorter immunization schedule.

When to consider RIMMS

  • Limited amount of antigen
  • Positive hybridoma cell lines are required in 4 months
  • Antibody diversity is not a project goal


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