Octet Analysis

The Octet analysis system by ForteBio uses Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI), a label-free method for measuring bi-molecular interactions. The Dip and Read technology eliminate the need of microfluidics and means there is no need to purify antibodies to get valuable antigen binding and specificity information.

The system provides a high throughput solution that aids GMAb in meeting our customers’ quantitation needs with high levels of accuracy and specificity in crude matrices. It also provides a wider range of detection for low to high titers.

The Octet analysis system in fully integrated into GMAb’s monoclonal antibody development. This means GMAb can quickly and efficiently employ the system to screen and characterize monoclonal antibody candidates.


Octet Analysis Options

Octet Biosensors come in a variety of surface chemistries useful for designing an assay to suit a project’s unique analytical requirements. These Biosensors aptly simplify octet analysis at each stage of development. Both high and low titers are measured accurately even in the presence of host proteins and debris.

Some examples of available capture molecules are:

  • Streptavidin
  • Protein G
  • Protein L
  • Anti-human IgG Fc
  • Anti-murine IgG Fc
  • Anti-GST
  • Anti-Penta-HIS

Applications of Octet Analysis

  • Early-stage screening of hybridomas –identify high affinity hybridomas before the subcloning stage.
  • Quantitate antibody in bioprocessing – On rates are proportional to antibody concentration.
  • Kinetic analysis of antibodies – on and off rates and apparent Kds determined in minutes, label free.
  • Epitope mapping –identify antibodies that bind to overlapping or spacially distinct epitopes.
  • Antibody pair selection – identify possible capture and detector antibodies for sandwich or quantitative ELISAs.
  • Detect and quantitate proteins in serum – useful for pharmakokinetics and immunogenicity studies.

Advantages of Octet Analysis

  • Label-free detection system
  • Process 8 assays in parallel
  • Intuitive, real-time format
  • Reduces the time to create new binding assays.

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