Warranty Policy

Green Mountain Antibodies prides itself on providing high quality reliable products. As part of our commitment, GMAb investigates every product complaint to maintain these high standards.

Green Mountain Antibodies guarantees all products are of merchantable quality at the time of sale when handled as directed. GMAb makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, of fitness for a particular use of any item in its Catalog unless explicitly stated. Due to the nature of our service work we cannot guarantee successful results for the services requested by the customer. Although we will make every reasonable effort to obtain results to your satisfaction, you the customer agree that the quality and quantity of service products often depend upon variables beyond our control, including the quality of the materials you provide to us. GMAb makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, concerning the performance, use, efficacy, suitability, or non-infringement of any Deliverables supplied hereunder. We cannot warrant the yield of hybridomas nor of the monoclonal antibody product except as tested by us using methods agreed upon with the client. The specificity and the affinity of the antibody cannot be warranted. Customer’s exclusive remedy for damage that occurs in the shipping or receiving process, that is not attributable to customer, shall be limited to replacement.

All Green Mountain Antibodies products are intended for in-vitro research use only and have not been cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA. If for some reason a product does not perform to its assigned specifications, we encourage you to contact us. We will investigate every complaint regarding our products. We are dedicated to our quality standards and encourage you to bring questions, complaints, and praise(!) to our attention. Your feedback will help us to continue improving our products and services for you.

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