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With over twenty-five years making monoclonal antibodies, GMAb has produced tens of thousands of hybridomas and antibodies for our customers in the biotech, pharmaceutical and research industries. From this experience, we have learned that getting the right antibody depends on making the right choices at each step in the process. We believe making the antibody is only the first step—having the antibody work for your application is the complete solution.


We begin with a discussion to understand your end application and the science behind the target. We’ll ask lots of questions such as the availability of antigen material? Is there sequence homology with mouse? Are there other isotypes or homologous proteins? What is the antigen source? Is it soluble? What is its molecular weight? Do you need conformational or functional antibodies? Knowing more about the antigen lets us suggest alternative approaches and explain the risks.


We believe the robustness of the evolved mammalian immune response is unmatched by phage or yeast display and the genetics of the host can be an important variable. There are standard strains of mice we recommend. Additionally, if transgenic and knockout mouse strains are available, they can offer advantages over inbred strains and result in a higher chance for success.


Following fusion of spleen cells and myeloma fusion partner cells, the resulting hybridoma cell supernatants are screened for antigen-specific antibody. Our standard assay is a high throughput solid phase ELISA with antigen absorbed to 96-well plates. Once we select positive clones, we rescreen using other assay formats such as fluorescence cytometry for cell surface antigens, murine heavy chain isotyping assays, association rate constant using biolayer interferometry, western blotting, or solution phase immunoassay. If you need hybridoma cell supernatants for testing, we can offer suggestions for controls and adjust to your time constraints.


This is where the champions in antibody development separate from the pretenders. Our company culture strives to improve continuously and add value for the customer. With our standard procedure documents, process metrics, checklists, training and employee development strategy, lean manufacturing methods and project management systems; we are constantly refining and updating our approach. By combining a deep knowledge base with years of hands-on experience, we provide a skill set that can deliver exactly what you need.


A successful project is one where you obtain hybridoma cells that make the right antibody for your assay, research, or therapeutic platform. We’ll also suggest strategies for cell archival, variable region sequencing (if you foresee a future need for recombinant antibody), and we can custom label your antibody and help with assay development. At the end of the project, your hybridoma cells will be provided to you frozen or in culture for immediate use. GMAb additionally, will sequence your antibody, archive your cells and custom label your antibody if so desired.

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