Murine Anti- Factor V

Clone GMA-5001


Factor V (FV) circulates in blood as a single chain protein (Mr 330,000). Following proteolytic activation by thrombin, activated factor V (FVa) serves as the cofactor for factor Xa in the prothrombinase complex that cleaves prothrombin to thrombin in the presence of phospholipid and Ca2+. Factor Va is composed of a heavy chain (Mr 94,000) non-covalently associated to a light chain (Mr 74,000). GMA-5001 (previously known as GMA-081) recognizes the light chain of FVa and is inhibitory in aPTT-based clotting assays.

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Species Reactivity: Human
Source: Murine
Specificity: FV, FVa light chain
Immunogen: Human Factor V
Isotype: IgG1


ELISA: Binds immobilized human FV and FVa.
Immunoblotting: Not recommended.
Inhibition: Inhibitory in aPTT clotting assay.


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