Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies: Custom Development

As an experienced leader in the production of mouse monoclonal antibodies, we can help you make the antibodies you want, at a price you can afford.


  • Experience – With over two decades of experience in antibody production, we have developed optimized and efficient protocols to produce highly specific, high-affinity antibodies with a high success rate.
  • Superior Service – A single project manager will coordinate all aspects of your experience and help you to refine the scope and design of your project to achieve your goals.
  • Flexibility – Collaborative data review at each phase allows you to customize your screening process and make decisions on fusion, subcloning, and expansion. Our flexibility allows us to meet the specific design and scheduling needs of both academic and industry scientists.
  • Competitive Pricing – Our highly efficient protocols allow us to be cost-effective in our production of high-quality antibodies, which is reflected back to you in pricing.

Stage I


(4-6 weeks) 2 mg of antigen is required for standard immunizations (4 injections of 3 mice). Antisera is collected after the 4th immunization and screened by solid-phase ELISA. Data will be provided to you and serum samples can be shipped upon request. The serum titer results will determine when we move to fusion in Stage II.

Stage II


(2 weeks from fusion to screening) At this stage, 1 or 2 mice can be selected for fusion. Splenocytes are plated into either 16 (1 mouse) or 32 (2 mice) x 96-well plates and screened by solid-phase ELISA for antigen-specific clones. Fusion positives are expanded into 24-well plates and retested by ELISA against additional counter-screening antigens or with an assay format specific to your end use. Supernatant can be provided to you upon request.

Stage III


(2 weeks) We review all results with you and help you to select which clones to move forward. Fusion-positive clones are subcloned by limiting dilution and screened for antigen-specific clones by solid-phase ELISA. Top subclone positives are expanded into a 24-well plate and retested by ELISA against additional counter-screening antigens. Supernatant can be provided to you upon request.

Stage IV

Characterization and Purification

We offer a wide variety of services including antibody production and purification, antibody characterization, and cell line archival.

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