Murine Anti- Prothrombin

Clone GMA-091


Prothrombin is the vitamin K-dependent zymogen of thrombin. As a single chain protein (Mr 72,000) it contains 10 Gla residues, 2 kringle domains and three N-linked carbohydrate units. Prothrombin is activated to thrombin by the prothrombinase complex consisting of enzyme factor Xa, cofactor factor Va, phospholipid and Ca2+. GMA-091 (previously known as GMA-028) binds prothrombin, prethrombin 1, fragment 1.2 and fragment 2 by Western blot and solid-phase ELISA. It does not cross-react with human thrombin, murine prothrombin, Factor IX, or Factor X.

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Species Reactivity: Human
Specificity: prothrombin fragment 2
Immunogen: Human prothrombin
Isotype: IgG2a


ELISA: Binds human prothrombin, prethrombin 1, fragment 1.2, and fragment 2 in solid-phase ELISA.
Immunoblotting: Binds human prothrombin (~72kD), prethrombin 1 (~50kD), fragment 1.2 (~37kD), and fragment 2 (~13 kD) under reduced conditions.


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