Murine Anti- Factor X

Clone GMA-550


Factor X (Mr 59,000) is a vitamin K-dependent plasma protein zymogen that plays a central role as the substrate for both the intrinsic (factor VIIa, tissue factor) and extrinsic (factor IXa, factor VIIIa) pathways. In the presence of cofactor factor Va, phospholipid, and Ca2+, activated factor X cleaves two peptide bonds in prothrombin to form thrombin. GMA-550 binds human factor X in solid-phase ELISA and Western blot.

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Species Reactivity: Human
Source: Murine
Specificity: Factor X/Xa
Isotype: IgG1


ELISA: Binds immobilized human factor X and factor Xa in the presence of Ca2+.
Immunoblotting: Binds human factor X and Xa under non-reduced conditions. Does not blot reduced FX/Xa.


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