Murine Anti- Factor X

Clone GMA-560


Bovine Factor X (Mr 55,000) is a vitamin K-dependent plasma protein zymogen that plays a central role as the substrate for both the intrinsic (factor VIIa, tissue factor) and extrinsic (factor IXa, factor VIIIa) pathways. In the presence of cofactor factor Va, phospholipid, and Ca2+, activated factor X cleaves two peptide bonds in prothrombin to form thrombin. GMA-560 (also known as α-BFX-2b) binds bovine FX and factor Xa in solid-phase ELISA and Western blot. GMA-560 is partially calcium-dependent, inhibits FX activity in human, bovine, porcine, rabbit, and canine plasma inhibits the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin and prevents inactivation of FXa by antithrombin III1. It can be used in the purification of factor X from plasma2,3 and blocks FXa-thrombomodulin interaction4.

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Species Reactivity: Human
Source: Murine
Specificity: Factor X heavy chain
Immunogen: Bovine Factor X
Isotype: IgG1


ELISA: Binds bovine and human factor X and Xa in presence of calcium.
Immunoblotting: Binds bovine factor X and factor Xa heavy chain under reduced and non-reduced conditions in presence of calcium.


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